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Miya & Chii hosting new Green Room channel


Today (April 30.) starts a new Hello! Project channel on YouTube. Green Room channel has a new H!P show every Thursday night at 21:00 Japan local time and what’s even better the regular MCs of the program are Miyabi and Chinami.

Besides our dynamic duo there is gonna be a guest MC every week and of course every episode has for example interviews, footages from rehearsals, concert clips plus other H!P related stuff.


Over 2 million views for Hatsukoi Cider

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Yep, Buono!’s “Hatsukoi Cider” PV has reached over 2 million views on their YouTube Channel.

Top viewing locations have been in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand but would be interesting to know how much people have watched it in the US and Europe. I guess quite a lot as Buono! did their Paris gig just slightly over one year ago.

Talking about “how time flies” it’s been a long time since Buono! released new music last time. “Hatsukoi Cider / DEEP MIND” single was released on January 18. 2012 and “SHERBET” mini-album on August 22. 2012. Although girls have been very busy with their major groups and all other things happening in Hello! Project I really hope that they still keep Buono! alive because after all it has been the most interesting super group in H!P during these years.

It’s a bit worrisome that Buono! did not have their usual winter or spring concerts this year. In 2011 they did R*E*A*L tour in the beginning of the year and PIZZA-LA Presents Buono! Delivery LIVE 2012 tour after the summer. They also took part to massive Dai Ikkai Yubi Matsuri – Idol Rinji Sokai – idol festival in June and of course they made a trip to Paris in February as remembered & said so many times before.

Although there are so much going on in H!P today I don’t see any reasons why Buono! should be buried and forgotten. Stupid idea anyway.