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Keep youself warm!

Here in northern hemisphere we have now winter. Some of us have already snow while some others are still waiting for White Christmas. In Helsinki we are still waiting. Early snow melted away some time ago and now it’s only frost on ground. It’s chilly but no snow. Temperature is at the moment – 3,5 degrees Celsius.

Remember what your mom said to you: “Cold weather means warm clothing”. Winter season in Japan (especially at it’s northern parts) has quite similar weather conditions as we have here in Finland. And it can snow even in Tokyo as we know.

Berryz girls are all nicely warm dressed in these UFA/BLT photos from the year 2006. Ah, I feel now soooo nostalgic! It’s almost 4 years ago as these photos were taken.

Who’s winter clothing you like most?


If you are not blind you sure have noticed some “incredible” things going on at C-ute’s direction. And I’m not talking about Erika’s graduation.

MaiMai some time ago:

MaiMai today – screencaptures from “C-ute All Singles Collection Vol. 1” ltd edit DVD:

Well, what you think?

Berryz items from USA

My first purchase from just launched Hello! Store USA were these Berryz Kobo official collector’s photos. This new web store has quite reasonable prices but it seems that they have only limited selection of Hello! Project Official items and only few items / product in stock.

As I ordered these photo sets I didn’t get all the sets I wanted to because those wanted ones were all the time “out of stock” (as they are still). Also sending my purchase out took many days because store’s staff was taken by a surprise how many people actually were storming in to buy H!P items which many of them went “out of stock” status right after store was opened.

What I personally wish is that Hello! Store USA could have more Berryz Kobo items in stock. What’s strange is that they don’t have any Buono! items in their warehouse yet. Maybe we should wait until Hello! Store USA staff gets things together and kicking because after all they are still beginners in this business.

These photos are related to Berryz Kobo’s Gekidan Gekihalo’s theatrical play “Thank You Very Berry”. They performed this act at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theatre on this September. DVD of this play is released on December 9.

Last photo set which you can see on my crappy YouTube video came with dark gray “For All the love Berryz kobo” t-shirt and wristband set. In these photos girls are dressed in those special t-shirts.

On YouTube: