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What happened in Bangkok on March 7.-9. 2013?

I’ve collected here “Berryz Kobo Concert Tour 2013 – Spring in Bangkok” related material from various Thai and Japanese sources. There are also a couple of photos from Chii’s, Maa’s and Miya’s visit to Yangon wihich happened earlier today.

Top commment from Momochi when she was asked if she has any plans for changing her pigtails hair style: “I change it only if it’s getting popular amongst other girls”.


Collection of photos


Chii, Maa and Miya in Yangon, Myanmar on March 10. 2013:


More photos:

thaich.net 1 | thaich.net 2 | PingBook | jpopreview | sanspo | star picpost 1 | star picpost 2



tokunagachinami | FAR_TIDE | miyamomolove | sk_neo



Barks (report + excellent photos) | natalie.mu | Yahoo | news24 | Jiji (Yangon)


Video clips:

FanCam – Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand (NottMiyabi)

FanCam – Handshake Event on March 8. 2013 (EKYISM48)

FanCam – Handshake Event on March 8. 2013 (Nattapon Sudsanguan)

FanCam – Handshake Event on March 8. 2013 (Riko Sugaya)

TV – ChaoDooWoody (mooshido nakashima)

TV (superent02)

TV – Nine Entertain (NottMiyabi)

TV (NottMiyabi)


Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

This is the last day of 2012 as I write this blog entry. And shame on me, I’m doing almost the same thing that almost all others have done or are doing at the moment. Oh well, after all the last day of the year is anyway only once a year.


The Most Memorable Moments in 2012


♥ Buono! and me in Paris

Clearly this was the most memorable thing for me happaned in 2012.


♥ The rise of Momochi The Ultimate Idol

During the year we saw Momochi in countless TV shows as she promoted her “Momochi yurushite nyan taisou” and named herself as the most cutest idol in Japan. Pardon me, the most cutest idol in the whole world.


♥ Miya did Heavy Rotation

Buono! got an invitation from AKB48’s Rino to take part of her massive “Sashihara Rino Produce Dai Ikkai Yubi Matsuri ~Idol Rinji Sokai~” concert event and Miya got a chance to shine so brightly in the center of the action when all the idols were on stage perforning “Heavy Rotation”. Miya really is very aware of her attractiveness.


♥ Chii’s adventure in Bangkok

As an ambassador of Berryz Kobo Chii made a promotional trip to Thailand and kept us on the track what was happening there by tweeting a lot.


♥ Miya’s & Rii’s blogs

Was a great thing that girls continued their blogging and especially Miya and Rii took many stylish snap shots to excite us. Rii’s artistic style and Miya’s fashion awareness shows there in their photos.



My Wish List for 2013


☆ Berryz Kobo live

This is the thing I’ve not yet been lucky to experience. Somehow I have now this feeling that it might happen in 2013. Maybe in Japan, maybe in Paris??


☆ Japan in spring time

It’s been too many years since I last time saw Hanami in Tokyo.


☆ New flat

I need new better flat with decent neighbours.


☆ Interview with BK & Tsunku

If I somehow wake up in Tokyo I certainly would like to do interviews with Berries and Tsunku. Well, you never know.



I almost forgot . . .