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Berryz Sakura-Con DVD – Where to get?

This post is kind of answer to mare99 who asked where to get Berryz Kobo First Concert in the USA – Sakura-Con 2011 DVD.

As you might know Berryz in Sakura-Con DVD is a special fan club release (for fan club members only) and as far as I know can’t be ordered any more. I ordered this DVD last June with a help of Shigehiro Ohta who provides these kind of hard-to-get H!P FC etc. items for all fans living outside Japan. Using his service you must pay to him also comission and all shipping costs so it’s not most cheapest way to get things from Japan but if you really want to get some rare items you don’t look the price tag.

Hello! Store USA sells lot of H!P official shop & also some FC stuff but I think even they have not had this DVD available for ordering. As you can’t get it any more even from H!P FC mail order your chances to have it are limited. Meaning you can try to find it for example from eBay’s or Yahoo Japan’s auctions. Shigehiro has won many great items (Berryz posters, FC DVDs, official photos etc.) to me from Yahoo Japan auction. Look details about his services from his site.

Of course you can also ask if people at H!P and Berryz Kobo related forums (such as Hello!Online and JPH!P) has this DVD and could be willing to sell it to you.

I made a quick check at eBay and Yahoo Japan and got only one positive search result. Seller nevafoge0418 does not ship outside Japan so only way you can bid this item is to get someone in Japan do the bidding for you. As said before Shigehiro is one of those who can provide this kind of service.

Some other such services:
From Japan

By the way, this wasn’t a complete guide for getting rare items from Japanese sources but at least you hopefully can get started with this information I offered you.

As for my own precious BK Sakura-Con DVD, don’t even try ask if I could be selling it at any price.


BKINN [= Berryz Kobo International News Network]

This is still quite unofficial news based on some tweets by wotas but Berryz Kobo in Seattle – Berryz Kobo’s First Landing to USA FC special DVD is soon (if not already) available for pre-ordering but this only for fan club members. Price for this 90 minutes long DVD is 3,675 Yens and it houses best takes from the concert plus off-stage shots and so-called field recordings. No release date yet announced but I guess it’s going to be some time in this summer.

Then some criticism against Up-Front International and it’s fan club and publishing policies. When they are releasing this kind of item which has a wide interest also outside Japan and amongst non-FC members they really should make it available openly through the web stores such as YesAsia and CD Japan. Said that I’m sure that you can get this DVD from HelloStore USA when the time is right.