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Do you still remember “NO BERRYZ, NO LIFE” slogan which was part of Berryz Kobo’s promotional campaign some time ago? Tower Records actually use this “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE” slogan also today in various promo occasions.


no berryz no life t-shirt


Although there is no active Berryz Kobo any more that slogan “NO BERRYZ, NO LIFE” remains to be true. I mean there’s still “LIFE” after Berryz Kobo as we have precious memories of BK stored in our minds and on numerous singles, albums, DVDs, Blu-rays and hard drives. Not to mention all those fan club etc. items we have got during the existence of the group. Same way as The Beatles lives forever does Berryz Kobo do.


And of course former BK girls have not vanished anywhere. As is the case also with Miya. I’m impatiently waiting now for her new group to be announced. Round two of new group members audition happens on August 29. Excitement grows.


As Miya’s 23rd birthday is on next Tuesday here’s a little warm up for that. Miya & Rii singing “Munasawagi Scarlet”. This live clip is from 2011.