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So you think I’m obsessed when I say Miya is the hottest?

Why this Berryz Kobo’s new MV “Golden Chinatown” is so hot??

It’s not only because of those shiny golden and black costumes.

It’s not only because of those most hottest girls on this video. Which by the way are Miya, Saki and a little bit also Yurina. Saying only this if you are kind of blind.

It’s not only because of the song itself as I happen to love it.

It’s not only because of the partly quite nice & hot choreography.

Because it’s all those things which make this video a hot item.

Kumai-chan gets nicely screen time on this video but to be honest it’s Miya with Saki who are really giving their best there. Kind of sad thing that Maasa is so expressionless as the contrast is quite big when you look at what (and how) the leader and the vice-leader are doing.

And what about other girls? Rii is her mysterious self with that cool aura surrounding her. Chii is as energetic as always and Momochi sure is as cute as we know her. But why I have this feeling that Momochi is a little bit too calm and not giving her 100%? Might the reason be that she is not the one and only in the spotlight in Berryz Kobo like she is so many times when doing her solo things here there and everywhere?

Quiz: There is a part of S/mileage choreography on this video but where you can find it?



Berryz Kobo – “Golden Chinatown”

Asian Celebration: Pros & cons

I’m not going to write any deeper analysis about “Asian Celebration” music video. Just some pros and cons which came to my mind.



Never criticize new song by it’s crappy fan recording from the concert. Because this song is much better than I thought it would be. Berryz Kobo goes to disco again and this song is quite a rollercoaster ride from it’s first beats to it’s last fade. In other words, you don’t get bored with it.

Basically I like the studio setup used for this video. It really brings the disco atmosphere alive with DJ table, all those mirror balls and flashing lights. Saturday Night Fever àla Berryz Kobo.

It’s nice to realise how there is now a good trend going on with Berryz Kobo’s outfits. I really love those zebra patterned blazers and simple but effective colors used in costumes.



As I said, setup sits very well to this song but it reminds us too much of the video made for “Daikishimete Daikishimete”. Maybe video’s scriptwriter could have done some kind of storyline for it to avoid this kind of comparison. I personally was waiting something more action richer story than just girls dancing and DJ’ing in a discotheque. Would have been nice to see also some other people in this video. I mean this is after all “Asian Celebration” so where are all those Thai, Korean and Chinese party people?