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Happy 12th Anniversary Berryz Kobo

Right! It’s our beloved group’s 12th Anniversary day today.

First I thought that I should write some kind of Berryz Kobo history for this day but .. am I lazy or what? .. then I decided to post some nice scans from BK’s first photobook published in 2005.

Let me explain a bit. I have been running this Berryz Kobo International blog from April 2007. I must say that’s a long time for a single blog which has had only one mission: Introduce Berryz Kobo internationally for potential BK fans.

So I’ve not written any BK history because you can get The History of Berryz Kobo right here & right now by browsing the pages of this blog.

Oh, next month it’s another Anniversary. We are celebrating then 9th Anniversary of this blog!



And here is one heck of an emotional video: Berry Fields (live 2005)


Berryz Kobo Budokan news roundup part 2

A couple of more news on Berryz Kobo’s Nippon Budokan happening.

Barks.jp has long live report and lot of cool photos while Billboard Japan has much shorter article.


And here is one more video clips (Tokyo MX News):


Then Miya news. Her GLOW release event was held yesterday and you can find some nice photos plus event report @ Barks site.


JijiPress news clip: