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August 25. 2016 @ Nippon Budokan

I’ve collected here some of the best photo shots from Buono! Festa 2016 held in legendary Nippon Budokan arena on August 25. Pictures are from various sources from the web. Such as Twitter, Instagram, blogs & news sites.

On that Thursday Miyabi Natsuyaki turned to 24, Buono! made it’s comeback after 4 years silence, Miya’s new group PINK CRES. made it’s debut public live and ℃-ute also was seen live on stage after the group had announced it’s breakup just few days before. So Buono! Festa 2016 made history in so many ways.


Outside Nippon Budokan

Before the happening

We are Buono!


Guests ℃-ute & Country Girls


Messages from Buono! girls

Items for fans (sold out quickly)


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Sorashido – Nene – [DVD+CD] / Buono!


Warming up for Buono! Festa 2016

Here it is! New official video from Buono! since August 7. 2012. Back then was released their “Never gonna stop!” music video.

And now it’s time to warmn up for upcoming Buono! Festa 2016. On Miya’s birthday August 25. Buono! concert takes place in Nippon Budokan. Besides Buono! also °C-ute, Country Girls and Miya’s new group jump to the stage of that legendary hall.

I’m excited but also a bit sad because I can’t make to Nippon Buodokan on that historical day. Anyway it’s great to see one of my all time favorite group again alive. Also interesting so see what kind of music Miya’s new group is giving us.

Still some questions remain: What is the name of Miya’s trio? Are they gonna release a single & MV before the concert? Is Buono! gonna release any new songs before the concert?



Crane game challenge! (Miyabi version)


Never gonna stop! MV (August 7. 2012)


Here is Miya’s new group

It took quite a long time to get Miyabi Natsuyaki’s new group together. But hey it was worth waiting. And I really mean it.

Decision was made yesterday on April 1. 2016. What a April Fools Day that was for those two girls who were chosen. So Yuuka (21) and Hikaru (20) are the girls who form the new trio with leader Miya.

Miya is excited, new girls are super happy & excited and I’m hyper excited. I already love both of those rookies. Miya calls ’em Hikaru-chan and Kato-chan. Miya tells her feelings about the decision on her blog post today.

Something about Hikaru reminds me of younger Risako (talking about her behavior, not looks). She seems to be shy and fragile but she is strong and has fighting spirit. Yuuka seems to be more familiar with audition kind of things as she didn’t get as nervous as Hikaru. All in all both girls are excellent choices.

Now this trio has hard work ahead to be done. As they are gonna do their debut live in Buono!’s late summer Nippon Budokan concert they must practice a lot and rehearse their new songs and dance routines. I suppose that before the live they release their debut single. Interesting to see what kind of music that is gonna be.

Footages from the audition decision round can be watched on latest episode of upcoming.


Hikaru @ singing audition:

Yuuka @ singing audition:

Miya as a judge on final audition:

Hikaru & Yuuka surprised to see Miya there:

Yuuka shows her singing and dancing skills:

Then it’s Hikaru’s turn to convince Miya:

After final auditions there is much tension in the air:

Then comes the “final judgement”. Trembling hearts:

And the winners are:

Relief! Overwhelming joy. “Can this be true?!”:

Miya comes to hug the girls:

Even Miya has tears. So touching moment:

Miya is happy:

Girls are still somewhere between their dreams and reality: