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Airi vs. Maimai

This happened earlier today.

Airi: This is my just released hot photobook “Oyoganai Natsu”. There is lot of nice shots inside these nice covers. Check out for example this one.


zush: Yeah, that has quite an intimate ambience. I think . . .

Maimai: Hey, don’t you remember this one! Also hot here.

Airi: No no no, this is much hotter book. Check out this other one.


zush: – – –
Airi: Eeeh, what happened? He looks like he had been hypnotized.
zush: – – –
Airi: Hi there, anybody home?
zush: – – –


Airi’s “Oyoganai Natsu” photobook release event (JijiPress):


Get these PBs from CD Japan: Suzuki Airi – Oyoganai Natsu | Mai Hagiwara – Mai 2


Mai, Oh Mai!

Mai Hagiwara’s just published “Mai 2” photobook comes with that usual stuff. Such as bikinis and school uniforms. What makes this book desirable is the fact that it’s only Maimai’s second solo book and the gap between this and the first one is almost 4 years. In 4 years time this girl has grown up nicely as you can see.

Now comes some kind of a confession. When I saw C-ute live in La Cigale in Paris I surprised myself watching Maimai’s performance quite intensively although all other girls were also great. I guess I’ve now got completely over that “She is just a little girl” syndrome.

Here are some preview pages from “Mai 2”:

And here captures from Making of PB digest + release event of the book:


Mai Hagiwara – Mai 2 Making of PB digest

Mai Hagiwara – 2nd PB Release Event – jijipress 130805

“Mai 2” can be purchased for example from e-lineup and YesAsia.com.