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Happy 14th Anniversary H!P Kids

In the beginning there was a Hello! Project Kids audition in the spring of 2002. 15 young girls were chosen out of 27.958 applicants to form a new group called Hello! Project Kids. The result of that audition was announced on June.30. 2002 in Hello! Morning TV show. “Ganbacchae!” was Hello! Project Kids’ first recording (single & PV with Morning Musume). And the rest is history.

Berryz Kobo was formed in 2004 as a group with eight H!P Kids and °C-ute began in 2005 with seven members. °C-ute is still going strong but Berryz Kobo went (as was officially said) on an indefinite hiatus in March 2015.

I guess many of you know that former H!P Kids are called with a collective name Berikyuu. These two groups have done several concerts, stage plays and recordings together. On the top of their collaborations was their joint concert plus many events at Japan Expo 2014 in Paris. I was also there witnessing that historical event.


In the beginning


Berikyuu in Paris

March 2015



Berryz Kobo + C-ute: Cho HAPPY SONG (2012)

Berikyuu in Paris – part 1 (2014)

Berikyuu in Paris – part 2 (2014)

Berikyuu in Paris – part 3 (2014)


I miss them so badly

Last night I first watched latest Hello! Project Station (episode 86) then The Girls Live (episode 37) and after that I had an instant need to listen to some Buono! stuff. And that wasn’t all. Then I went to Youtube and watched Buono!s live clips. This happens every now and then. Buono! makes me always feel so good. I never get tired of listening to their music nor watching their videos.

Still saying… this might be 7125th time I do it . . . so I’m still saying that Buono! was.. I mean IS the only one of its kind. What makes Buono! so great is that perfect blend of pop & rock tunes which are performed by Hello! Project Dream Team.

It was quite an emotional moment for me as I saw Buono! singing three of their songs during Berikyuu’s concert in Japan Expo 2014. Three songs is good but not enough. We need more. We want more Buono! New songs! New tours! New MVs. New happy moments.

So we can always wish and keep our fingers crossed for the return of The Great Buono! It could even be possible as we already know what is happening for Berryz Kobo when spring comes.


When yuu watch these live clips you just can’t disagree with me: Buono! simply rocks.


Independent Girl


Ice Mermaid

Bravo Bravo

Lady Panther

Gachinko de Ikou

Deep Mind

Kiss Kiss Kiss

We are Buono!

+ bonus performance in Sashihara Rino Produce Dai Ikkai Yubi Matsuri 2012 (Hatsukoi Cider, Rottara Rottara, Renai Rider)

+ another bonus: Buono! in 2012 rehearsing with Dolce band

+ even some more from 2012


Tears are not enough

Latest Hello! Project Station (episode 78) has a couple of Berryz Kobo footages from H!P concert held on August 2. Yes, we are talking about that major announcement they gave on that day.

My reactions are still the same as they have always been when I see H!P girls crying. Just can’t help, can’t hold back my own tears when I watch those faces trying so bravely be calm. I think Maa was only one who managed to keep her tears away.

Moments like these make me realise how much I actually love these girls.

After the concert BK girls talked about how and why they were crying and who was The Cry Baby. I guess that title went to Chii. Even Momochi was crying!

Anyway, nice to see they were laughing and joking after the live.


Hello! Project Station #78

Berikyuu & fans @ JapanExpo 2014 (Ikebukuro TV)


[Quiz: The title of this post is referring to a certain British band from the 80’s. So do you happen to know what was that band?]