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Happy 14th Anniversary H!P Kids

In the beginning there was a Hello! Project Kids audition in the spring of 2002. 15 young girls were chosen out of 27.958 applicants to form a new group called Hello! Project Kids. The result of that audition was announced on June.30. 2002 in Hello! Morning TV show. “Ganbacchae!” was Hello! Project Kids’ first recording (single & PV with Morning Musume). And the rest is history.

Berryz Kobo was formed in 2004 as a group with eight H!P Kids and °C-ute began in 2005 with seven members. °C-ute is still going strong but Berryz Kobo went (as was officially said) on an indefinite hiatus in March 2015.

I guess many of you know that former H!P Kids are called with a collective name Berikyuu. These two groups have done several concerts, stage plays and recordings together. On the top of their collaborations was their joint concert plus many events at Japan Expo 2014 in Paris. I was also there witnessing that historical event.


In the beginning


Berikyuu in Paris

March 2015



Berryz Kobo + C-ute: Cho HAPPY SONG (2012)

Berikyuu in Paris – part 1 (2014)

Berikyuu in Paris – part 2 (2014)

Berikyuu in Paris – part 3 (2014)


My 3 new year wishes

I have more than three wishes for 2014 but as I write here about former H!P Kids I leave others without notice this time.



To see Buono! back in the spotlight.

The Great Buono! songs (“Need More Buono”)



To meet Berryz Kobo in Paris.

Berryz Kôbô: Bonne année 2013! (NoLife TV)



To see more joint projects between Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute.

Amazuppai Hana ni Sakura Saku (Berryz Kobo x ℃-ute)


Snowboarding nine years ago

Short lived original ZYX had five members from H!P Kids with Morning Musume’s Mari Yaguchi as their leader. At that time in the year 2003 Berryz Kobo and C-ute were not yet formed so ZYX was kind of training project to some of those girls who would later become members of BK & C-ute.

ZYX did record only two singles. “Shiroi Tokyo” was released in December 2003 and was ZYX’s second and also their last single.

At that time when “Shiroi Tokyo” came out Momochi was still 11 years old and Saki of course one year older.

Why I’m reminiscing this particular song is because we have a winter season now here in Finland (and also in Japan). Weather is cold and we have so much snow we could give some of it away to those who don’t have any. Hi Ray in Hawaii, would you have some?


ZYX: Shiroi TOKYO PV (with subs) + Making of