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Berryz here there and everywhere

Berryz Kobo met Tokyo Girls’ Style when they were recording “MUSiC×iD” program. Nice to see Miya and Saki with one of my favorite non-H!P groups. Photo from Saki’s blog.


Our girls are always so busy and here are some upcoming Berryz Kobo appearances they are gonna do:

First of all Berryz Kobo will have a mini-live for the Thai Festival in Osaka next Saturday.

On May 19. Berryz Kobo can be seen in two events with Morning Musume, C-ute, S/mileage, Juice=Juice and H!P Kenshusei girls at Hibiya YAON (Tokyo).

After that girls fly to Taiwan because their Berryz Kobo Festival in Taipei is happening on May 25. there.

What else? Berryz Kobo is a special guest in Tokyo Idol Showcase at Shibuya-AX on May 29. Main acts in this event are Dream5, LinQ etc.

And then comes summer and Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO! ~Sorezore!~ & ~Mazekoze!~concert tour in July and August with all major H!P artists.


Fan club members can now pre-order “Berryz Kobo FANCLUB TOUR IN HAWAII 2013” DVD so if you are a member maybe this is a must-to-get item for you.

Sakurai Takamasa writes regularly about Hello! Project artists on his articles for AsianBeat and this time he talks about overseas fans. Mainly the focus is on Thai fans.
“Japanese Idols Have a Strong Support Base Overseas – Hanging Out with Idol Fans in Thailand” >

Our favorite YouTube singer/dancer Cuca is growing up really fast these days. Few weeks ago she had her 11th Cake Day. Let’s watch her recent cover version of C-ute’s “Kanashiki Heaven” now:


Happy Sports Day

Today October 8. it was a national holiday in Japan. To be exact it was a “Health and Sports Day”. Therefore we take our time machine and go back to those years Berryz girls were a bit younger and challenged in some sports.

First we have three clips from H!P SPORTS FESTIVAL 2006. Those were the days when Hello! Project took all the girls to sport field for an athletic meetings.

Pommel horse jump – Momoko

100 m – Miyabi & Maimi

100 m – Chii, Saki & Airi


Here’s a footage from old DVD Magazine. Four are out on yard playing badminton while the rest are inside the house cooking.


This is a table tennis final from Yorosen! episode 115. Chii vs. Maa. Who wins?


Miya playing baskettoball. Clip from her first solo DVD.


Kind of sport challenges also these very funny clips from 2006 with Berryz girls and Nono.