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Berryz Kobo busy with tours

Today Berryz Kobo kicked off their autumn tour with two concerts held in Kanagawa. “Berryz Kobo Debut 10th Anniversary Concert Tour 2014 Fall ~Professional~” is the epic title of their tour and there is gonna be all together 16 concerts in five cities.

Here are the Professional tour dates:
Oct 18. – Harmony Hall Zama (Kanagawa) – 2 concerts
Oct 19. – Harmony Hall Zama (Kanagawa) – 2 concerts
Nov 16. – Fukuoka International Congress Center (Fukuoka) – 2 concerts
Nov 22. – NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka) – 2 concerts
Nov 24. – Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo) – 2 concerts
Nov 29. – Gotanda U-Port Hall (Tokyo) – 2 concerts
Dec 06. – Olympus Hall Hachioji (Tokyo) – 2 concerts
Dec 07. – Sendai Izumity 21 large hall (Miyagi) – 2 concerts


This is a special goods set housing BK t-shirt, DVD, poster, photos etc. and you can get it if you have 15.800 Yen in your pocket.

Or would you like to have some badges?

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Although Berryz Kobo’s autumn tour has now started they also continue their “Naruchika 2014 Fall Tour” which has already been going on from September 23. With Naruchika tour they do lives in small clubs while the main autumn tour is only for big venues.

Still upcoming Naruchika tour dates:
Oct 25. – Kumamoto 8.9 (Kumamoto) – 2 concerts
Oct 26. – CAPARVO Hall (Kagoshima) – 2 concerts
Oct 28. – KYOTO MUSE (Kyoto) – 1 concert
Oct 29. – The bottom line Nagoya (Aichi) – 1 concert
Oct 31. – Cube Garden (Hokkaido) – 1 concert
Nov 01. – Otaru GOLDSTONE (Hokkaido) – 2 concerts
Nov 03. – Takamatsu DIME (Kagawa) – 2 concerts
Nov 05. – CLUB JUNKBOX Nagano (Nagano) – 1 concert
Nov 06. – LOTS Niigata (Niigata) – 1 concert
Dec 01. – Club GRINDHOUSE (Tokushima) – 2 concerts

As October 13. concerts at Club GRINDHOUSE in Tokushima were cancelled because of the typhoon they are now re-cheduled to December 1.



By the way, Saki “Captain” Shimizu turns to 23 on November 22. Her Fan Club birthday event takes place on November 21. at Tokyo FM Hall. As always, we can expect to see best parts of that event on FC DVD published later this year or beginning of next.


Saki Nakajimaness

Saki Nakajima’s third solo DVD “Saki ~saki~” will be released in the end of October. You can already pre-order it from e-LineUP! if it’s only possible for you. But as always with these e-LineUP! releaes I expect it to be listed also on CD Japan online store when the time is right.

So if you somehow like Saki Nakajima sensuality then this DVD sure is for you.



Official preview clip of “Saki ~saki~”:


Spring in Bangkok DVD

After many low quality fan videos and Thai TV show recordings there is now a chance to get an official release concerning to Berryz Kobo’s latest visit to Bangkok.

e-LineUP! is releasing a DVD “Berryz Kobo concert tour 2013 ~Spring in Bangkok~” and pre-ordering period for it starts today on March 29. Last day to pre-order this item is on April 17. Overseas customers can use Tenso sevice to get this DVD. They start shipping it to customers some time in June.