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Livecandy from Kobushi Factory

I love Kobushi Factory. I love each and every one of them. I love their youthful energy and their hilarity. I love the variety of personalities the group contains. I love their songs. So I love the whole package of Kobushi Factory.

Kobushi Factory remainds me of early Berryz Kobo. Spirit of Berryz lives now indeed in Kobushi Factory. Girls even sing old BK hits at their lives. Songs like “Koi no Jubaku”, “Icchoume Rock!” and “Piriri to Yukou!” Watching KF covering those old BK songs makes me quite nostalgic but also keeps me admiring the enthusiasm how they are doing it.

Besides Berryz songs KF has performed wonderfully also one Melon Kinenbi oldie in various lives. “This is Unmei” is one of the greatests Hello! Project songs to be done live on stage. And Kobushi Factory girls are the best ones to cover it today. The song is as diverse as is it’s performer.

Lately I’ve been wathing myriad of times some live clips where KF does “This is Unmei” This one is from H!P Countdown Party 2015. What an enjoyable and compelling performance this is .. or should I say “was”. Livecandy at it’s best.


“o-ka-e-ri-na-sa-i… ne-e ko-ko ni su-wat-te …”

“Aishitemasu ka? Iikiremasu ka?”

And then begins wild dancing!

“No! No! No! No!”

“Watashi ni wa, anata shika inaishi …”

“anata igai no otoko nante, arienai no …”

Some more uncontrolled dancing.

Those crazy lovely girls!

“Nanchuu ka isshou futari de nemurimashou ka?”


Kobushi Factory – This is Unmei (live)


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August 25. 2016 @ Nippon Budokan

I’ve collected here some of the best photo shots from Buono! Festa 2016 held in legendary Nippon Budokan arena on August 25. Pictures are from various sources from the web. Such as Twitter, Instagram, blogs & news sites.

On that Thursday Miyabi Natsuyaki turned to 24, Buono! made it’s comeback after 4 years silence, Miya’s new group PINK CRES. made it’s debut public live and ℃-ute also was seen live on stage after the group had announced it’s breakup just few days before. So Buono! Festa 2016 made history in so many ways.


Outside Nippon Budokan

Before the happening

We are Buono!


Guests ℃-ute & Country Girls


Messages from Buono! girls

Items for fans (sold out quickly)


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How to hunt Japanese concert tickets

If you are living outside Japan and want to get tickets for Japanese concerts & events it’s not the most easiest job to do. If you don’t speak/understand Japanese the task gets even more complicated.

There are mainly two (mostly) secure ways for the ticket hunting especially if you live abroad and don’t speak Japanese.


Got friends in Japan?

If you have a friend or you know a fellow fan living in Japan there is the most comfortable way for getting tickets: Just kindly ask her/him if she/he could get the tickets you would like to have. Even better if that person likes same kind of music and same artists as you do.

Normal priced tickets you can get with a little help from your friend from such nationwide ticket sellers as ePlus and Pia. If you want to get your seat as close as possible to the stage or the general tickets sale has already ended you can try “second hand” resellers such as Yokohamaticket, Gorakudoh and TicketCamp. Tickets from these resellers are of course more expensive. Resale tickets are for example from fan club members and such.

My friend living in Tokyo got me a ticket from reseller. It was for Berryz Kobo concert and quite near the stage. Although it was expensive I was super happy to see Miya & others so close.


Proxy services

This second way is using online (proxy) services. These services will buy a ticket (and other stuff) for you and send it to your home address or your hotel in Japan. As these services are pure business besides the price of the ticket you have to pay the service fee and all the shipping costs. Depending on which online service you use and where they get your desired tickets the cost can be quite high.

These online services can get tickets from general sales but also from Japanese auctions (Yahoo etc).


Remark on topic

This is only a brief guide for ticket hunting. I’ve got my tickets via my friend and directly from Up-Front (press tickets/passes). From those services I’ve mentioned here I have used only Tenso when I’ve purchased items from e-Line-UP. I think Tenso does not provide tickets but I’m not quite sure about that.

If any of you have more knowledge on this “getting tickets” subject feel free to post your comments here. Thanks.


Some useful links

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General tickets sale: ePlus | Pia
ReSellers: Yokohama Ticket | Gorakudoh | TicketCamp
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