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Chinami goes

Miyabi Natsuyaki was hosting GREEN ROOM (episode 33) for the last time with Chinami Tokunaga. As announced some weeks ago Chii is now taking a break from her Hello! Project activities. She is going to study English but where she is actually going to learn the language? Is it going to be New Zealand as was the case with Aika Mitsui. Or is it some other country?

In the end of the GREEN ROOM Chii received flowers and lastly she promised: “I’ll be back.”

Also great to hear that now Chii has her own Instagram account!


“I will try my best. Sayonara.”

“I’ll be back.”




Miya in Guam

On latest episode of GREEN ROOM Miya proudly showed Chii and all of us her reddish arms. I guess she was excited that her skin was now darker than Chii’s. That was quite funny as Chii’s skin has always been the most browniest from Berryz Kobo girls.





Anyway, Miya got her suntan or should we better call it sunburn when she was on her family vacation in Guam two weeks ago. Guam is an U.S. island territory in Micronesia in the Western Pacific. It’s quite popular holiday resort although I have never been there. I don’t love as much lying on the beach as Miya apparently does.

By da way, that guy you see in Miya’s holiday snap shot must be her brother or someone else from her close relatives. Thank god he is NOT her BF. 😉

Miya blog

Miya blog