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It has been a long happy journey with Berryz Kobo

You may wonder why I’ve not posted much here after my Paris trip? Let’s just say that as we here in Finland have had such a nice summer weather I’ve been more away from home than in the house with my laptop.

The big news about “Berryz Kobo’s indefinite suspension of their activities” hit me two days later than they were actually announced as I’ve not been using internet for a while.

Anyway, to be honest, this announcement wasn’t so big surprise nor shocking one for me after all. To use some kind of metaphor: Berryz Kobo had clearly grown out of their old clothes. It also seems that the decision came from Berryz girls so there is no need to blame Tsunku or Up-Front for this.

Girls themselves wanted to use phrase “indefinite suspension of activities” instead of “disband” or “quit” which is quite understandable. When you say “disband” it means ultimate thing as “indefinite” leaves the door still open for future activities. Although the used phrase is what it is I myself don’t believe that we after next spring, when BK goes on so-called hiatus, never gonna see Berryz Kobo again as a group it used to be.

There are already myriad of speculations going on who from BK girls actually wanted to go on hiatus.. or disband the group.. whatever. As I’ve read translations of blog posts from each BK lady I’m only sure that it wasn’t Chii’s idea. Somehow I have this hunch that at least Miya and Maasa wanted to take break from BK. But what about Momoko then? I find it hard to read Momoko even from between the lines. She loves the group but she has also been very active outside Berryz Kobo. Who knows, I don’t… and after all it’s quite useless to speculate anyway.

Depending on when Berryz Kobo’s spring concert tour 2015 takes place we have still almost ten months to enjoy their presence. Before The Final of the finals there are still coming up BK’s autumn 2014 tour which is titled as “Professionals” plus all other scheduled activities including their Nippon Budokan concert on September 11.


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Berryz Kobo and C-ute to Japan Expo 2014

Japan Expo 15 anniversary

This is just a quick post because I’m in a great hurry. It’s now almost official that Berryz Kobo and C-ute are going (I should rather say “coming”) to this year’s Japan Expo in Paris in the beginning of this July. It’s the 15th anniversary of Japan Expo and our great girls are The Guests of Honor at this huge event.

Both groups already mentioned about their trip to Paris during their concerts earlier today. I guess we have official announcements about this later today from Up-Front & Japan Expo.

Are we happy now? Sure I’ve been waiting for this to happen. No, I’ve not yet booked my hotel but I think it’s gonna happen soon.

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