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Risako, The Artist

If you still havn’t realised it Rii is The Artist. I’m quite surprised if your response to me is “What?” or “Are you sure?”. Because Rii is not an artist or girl who has some artistic skills. She is The Artist. It’s inside her. These kind of things you cant fake.

rii 1

rii 2

Already when Rii was much younger she made a great impact on me with her small drawings. Already back then we saw how extremely cute and dreamy her pictures were. There was a certain fairytale’ish level in her drawings. Her works stood clearly out from the works of other Berries.

And now as Rii has grown up we can admire her photographic visions on her blog entries. As English is not my native language it’s hard for me to analyze and put her photographs to the right context of the history of art. What I can at least say is that there are many levels in her pictures and you can construe them so many ways. You can find from there deeper meanings or you just see the photo as an blog post photo.

One painter’s school I can mention here is “The English Dreamers” also known as “The English Victorian painters”. Such artists as William Holman Hunt, Ford Madox Brown, William Morris and William Bell Scott had that kind of dreamy style which is quite close to Rii’s visions.

What I’m saying is take your time and look closer at Rii’s photos.

I wouldn’t be very surprised if Rii could have her debut phootography exhibition already when she is still a member in Berryz Kobo.

Of course I don’t know how much Rii is taking photos on a daily basis but this is what I would like to see happening: Rii should have a decent canera and she should use it when ever she feels taking other than blog photos. She should let her subconsciousness loose even more than she is doing today. Rii has a great imagination so that should not be a hard task for her.

This might only be one of my endless daydreams but would be amazing if Rii’s debut exhibition could be in Helsinki, Finland. Typical me, isn’t it? Anyway, keep your eyes on Rii and her interesting photos.


Berryz Art – Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is quite close Rii and Maasa drew something that we could call Valentine cards. Have you done your cards already?

This is Rii’s card. Is that heart shaped LOVE a cake or what? On the upper right corner we see SOMETHING COMPLETELY ELSE! I think it’s a sun but what a sun it is. It’s really an eye catcher I can say. Rii has done now her most surrealistic drawing so far. A bit scary looking that sun is.

Rabbit in Maasa’s card is not scary at all. Love. love, love, all you need is love.