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BKI 5 years old today

It’s a Cake Day! Indeed, 5 years of Berryz Kobo, Buono! and sometimes even C-ute blogging. I think Berryz Kobo Internaitonal might be one of the most long lived Berryz Kobo related blogs in the whole world.

My Berryz Kobo blogging started @ VOX on April 21. 2007. Some months I stayed there but then moved to kakko-ii.com, my own domain. I changed blog’s name to Berryz Limited Edition. A couple of months I blogged under kakko-ii.com but as I was very active with my blog I decided to get completely new domain for my Berryz blogging. So in the beginning of January 2008 I got berryz-kobo-international.com and moved all my old blog stuff from VOX and kakko-ii.com to this new domain.

If you are interested and have time you can find plenty of memorable things and moments from B.K.I’s archives. There are links to each month on the bottom of this page. If you go to my all time first blog post you can see that SHE has always been my number one girl. Then, now and always. So it seems to be.

To celebrate these wonderful 5 years with Berryz Kobo I post here 50 official group photos. Watching these pictures brings us back so many nice memories.