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Natsu Natsu Beach Berryz

I went today to Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki. Sun was shining and weather was warm. Unfortunately I didn’t see these kind of girls there.



Those first 25 caps are of course from Alo-Hello! 2013 photobook’s bonus DVD. And next ones are from BK’s Alo-Hello! 2 DVD from 2010.



Alo-Hello! version of “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!”



Got it this morning

Yes, I’m talking about Alo-Hello! Berryz Kobo Shashin Shu 2013 which indeed arrived this morning. It’s always a special day when I get a new photobook from Berryz Kobo. Are you asking am I happy? Girls look absolutely fabulous in this book. Lot of bikini shots. And I really mean: LOT. Happy? Kumai-chan would say “Enjoy”.

I made a video clip while I was browsing the book so you can get a closer look what’s between the covers.

With Alo-Hello! 2013 came also latest issue of Top Yell. C-ute is on the front cover of it and also on the poster. Besides many C-ute pages there is a story about Reina’s graduation concert, Miyabi and Saki interview and Maasa with young Musumes Masaki & Haruka. Top Yell is one of my favorite Japanese magazines.