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Maasa soon Twenty [-3]

Twenty + one times Maasa. Pictures are of course official collector’s photos from one year’s period 2011 – 2012. So many different costumes and always stunning Maa looking great.

Somehow I love Maa in red hot “Ai no Dangan” leather. Boots and shiny leather, those make Maa look like a real “Faster Pussycat Kill Kill” biker girl. If you don’t know / understand what I meant with that just do some googling and you learn to know more about the thing.

Memory Lane – Special Generation vs. Ai no Dangan (part 2)

For this part two I captured some moments from Special Generation’s and Ai no Dangan’s so-called Making ofs.

Girls having fun in the spring of 2005.

Same girls minus Maiha doing serious posing in the spring of 2011.

Very young looking Captain . . .

. . . has grown up a little bit.

Sweet Miya . .

. . . is always sweet but today we can call her also as Her Hotness.

What about Rii then?

I guess you have eyes.

Tomboy Chii . . .

. . . turns to be a lady.

This movement! Young girls trying to be older than they actually are.

Almost same kind of movement today performed by Captain.

There’s always something going on at shootings.

Always joking, laughter and shouting.

Some funny faces from the past.

Still funny faces today.

Momo looking serious because director ordered her to do so.

Momo trying to look … what? … serious? Or just trying to keep her mouth shut (which might be quite difficult for her).

This is a girl I fell in love when Special Generation was released.

And this is young woman who I still love. With or without motorcycle.

“We are The Special Generation!”

This is another side of that Generation.

Three girls laughing. Do you know or remember what was so funny back then?

Same kind of situation and Captain happens to be on the same side.

Although young Rii had quite awkward smile she was always so cute. Was?

Well, Rii is still cute but also much more. As is Chii. And Momo. And Maa. etc.

She was.

She is.

Maa with Maiha. Maa has always been a tough girl but when Maiha graduated I saw tears in her eyes.

Maa on a bike. If anyone from Berryz it’s Maa who gets herself a motorcycle.

Special Generation – Making of

Ai no Dangan – Making of (part 1-2)


BKINN [= Berryz Kobo International News Network]

Horror movies with Berryz and C-ute girls in the cast just keep coming. Actually now it’s time for all three Buono! ladies to be in the starring roles on another high school horror thriller based on a popular mobile phone novel. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

“Gomennasai” is going to be released this autumn so we don’t need to have to wait for it too long. Interesting to see Miya and Momo debuting on film. Both of course are not beginners on movies but last time they were acting they were still kids.

Can’t say that it’s a great surprise that the theme song for “Gomennasai” comes from Buono!

As you might remember Nico Nico Douga streamed Berryz specal 777 concert live on July 7. If you still havn’t seen this concert you better get the whole thing from Hello!Online. Although it was a live two hour web stream the quality of this video is quite decent. They had there a proper camera crew so I guess we might get this concert later on DVD. 777 concert review with photos @ Barks (in Japanese).

What made this concert a special event was the thing that Berries sang many of their older songs beginning with always sweet Semi. Girls didn’t change their costumes during this concert. They wore kind of customized yukatas with puffy hems. Hmm, actually I liked that set.

There are now all solo close up versions of “Ai no Dangan!” @ Berryz YouTube channel.