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Archer girls

Kobushi Factory’s first album “Kobushi Sono Ichi” has three different editions and they all are released on November 30. Well, that’s what we already knew but now we can also admire the covers of those CDs.

We see Kobushi girls there as archers. I think these covers are so cool that I would like to pin them up to my wall in extra large size.


Limited edition A

Limited edition B

Normal edition

I pre-ordered both limited editions some time ago as the B edition has bonus CD with 7 cover songs KF has been singing at their lives. Melon Kinenbi oldie “This Is Unmei” probably the greatest one. Edition A has bonus DVD housing Special Live 2016 Summer in Otodama Sea Studio. I’m so exicted about these editions. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.


Get your Kobushi Factory albums from CD JAPAN

Kobushi Sono Ichi [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
Kobushi Sono Ichi [Limited Edition / Type B]
Kobushi Sono Ichi [Regular Edition]


Momoko leaves entertainment world

15 years as an idol is exceptionally long time to be in a Japanese idol entertainment industry. Now after all those hectic years Momoko Tsugunaga (24) is ending her idol career on June 30. next year. She announced her graduation from Country Girls and Hello! Project today on Hello! Project’s official English language Facebook page.



Momoko stated that she likes children and she already has graduated from university with the teacher’s license for elementary school and kindergarten. After stopping her idol activities Momoko’s aim is to become a kindergarten teacher.

From June 30th, I will devote myself once again in studying education for children, field for which I hope to work for.” she said.

To be honest I didn’t wait this kind of announcement yet. Sure I was waiting that soon she is leaving Country Girls but this is a bit surprising that she is also leaving Hello! Project and the whole idol industry. Besides being a member & mentor in Country Girls she has ’till now been also very popular TV personality.



However I don’t see this sudden announcement “shocking” in any ways. It’s just that enough is enough and even Momoko has got older and needs to think about her future. Because you can’t be an idol through all of your life. After all an idol’s life is like living in soap bubbles. It never can’t last forever.

Momoko has given for me so much nice moments and fun during these past 14 years. I already knew her when she was still in H!P Kids and was only 10 years old. That was year 2002. Oh how time flies indeed!

I have now plenty of time to write about those happy moments Momoko has given us before June 30. comes. So you can be sure that I’m gonna post several entries about Momoko a.k.a. Momochi here in the upcoming months.