13th Anniversary

Today (March 3. 2017) we celebrate The 13th Anniversary of Berryz Kobo.



Exactly two years ago Berryz Kobo was disbanded. After that I still posted to this Berryz Kobo International blog some °C-ute and Berryz ex-members related posts plus some stuff from Kobushi Factory.

Now it’s time to close this chapter. This is the final post I make here.



But no worries.

This whole BKI blog is still gonna be here as an archive site because it has an interesting historical timeline almost from the beginning of Berryz Kobo. °C-ute was a sister group for BK so it was quite natural that I did also °C-ute related posts for BKI blog.



This archive is indeed my Berryz Kobo fandom history. Now I almost get emotional.

Berryz Kobo was my number one Hello! Project group so many years. I don’t lie if I say that during those years for me almost every day was one way or another a Berryz day.

Now those days are gone & history. Fortunately we BK fans have all our precious memories to cherish and all those recorded media to listen & watch when ever we have urge to do so.

My Berryz Kobo fandom kind of culminated when I in April of 2013 finally saw my girls live at Shibuya Koukaido. Actually saw ’em two times a row. Then few days later I had a chance to do an interview with Saki and Chinami for Finnish JapanPop magazine.

So how are things today? From now on I’ll write about ex-members of Berryz Kobo for my KAKKO-II Blog.

Kobushi Factory has replaced Berryz Kobo as my number one H!P group. My Kobushi Factory International The Blog has now been online from the beginning of last December (2016). My Tsubaki Factory posts you can also find on that blog. Other H!P groups are still at KAKKO-II Blog.


Signing off now from BKI blog.

Yours zush
on March 3. 2017